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Use Cases & Customers

Explore how you can use BetaTesting to improve your product, save time & money, and make your users happier. Search your use case below, and review case studies and testimonials from other companies like yours.

Astra Delta
Astra Delta prototyped a personal finance app and used BetaTesting's community to assess the value proposition, onboarding, and user experience before developing the app with additional resources.
Munnie & Savvie
Munnie & Savvie asked users to test their iOS app by using it with their kids to test financial literacy and provide feedback on new features that would make it easier to use with kids.
Infusionsoft tested their new personal assistant app Peachee for Android by asking a series of survey questions through multiple sessions as users had time to use the app and complete certain tasks within it.
BumperBalls had users download their new iOS game and play it for feedback on new features, player modes, difficulty level, and overall experience.
PesaMill recruited users in Australia, New Zealand, and the south Pacific to test a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange and received feedback on setting up accounts and trading coins.
Maven Clinic
Maven Clinic recruited women 18-40 and gave them free credits to use their health and wellness web app to connect with nutritionists and physical therapists and provide feedback on their experience.

Featured Case Studies

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Learn how BetaTesting helped Xerox Transportation beta test an ambitious consumer travel app in select cities across the US.
Learn how Neura improves the user experience by optimizing battery consumption in the real world.
Discover how Nvizzio Creations ran a successful playtest prior to launching their Early Access Steam game.
Discover how Capper Network collected valuable user experience feedback from fantasy sports players.


  • "BetaTesting testers are smart, creative and eager to discover new products. They will get to the essence of your tool in no time and give you quality feedback enough to shape your roadmap for well into the future."

    Robert Muñoz

    Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Typeform

  • "Not only did we get a lot of support and assistance when launching our early access program, but the results were fantastic. We would recommend BetaTesting to anyone who is at the stage of launching their next company or product."

    Johan Malmberg

    Head of Business Development, HotJar Insights

  • "BetaTesting was an important part of emberlight's product validation strategy before we launched on Kickstarter. By seeing instant traction and interacting with early adopters, we felt confident in moving forward."

    Atif Noori

    CEO & Founder, Emberlight

  • "As a new startup, it was critical for us to get input from fresh potential customers on our new Apple Watch app. BetaTesting made it painless to find and gather responses from a targeted set of testers who provided detailed, critical feedback on our product. This was invaluable in helping us refine our plans for subsequent app releases."

    Mike Bernardo

    Founder, HeliumFit

  • "BetaTesting was great for us to get a critical mass of early trial users [for UbiMeet]. The campaign helped us discover some significant bugs early on, as the testers were invested enough to let us know about problems and work through them with us."

    Andrea Hill

    Manager of Innovation Strategy, ReadyTalk

  • "BetaTesting has been a huge asset when doing market research on apps that we are preparing to market. The BetaTesting team has been great at suggesting survey types, and quick to respond when we have questions about the process."

    Aaron Watkins

    President, Appency App Marketing

  • "The process was very easy and convenient. BetaTesting can move very fast and adapt to our changing needs. It helped us understand better how the product works in the real world. We improved our battery consumption and also our monitoring capabilities."

    Triinu Magi

    CTO & Co-Founder, Neura Inc

  • "BetaTesting helped us gain quality testers quickly and at scale. It’s pretty much the holy grail when you go on beta. We’ve done a lot of changes based on feedback we received in the beta."

    Barak Witkowski

    CEO & Co-Founder, Drupe

  • "The process could not have been better. We got what we paid for and more. The BetaTesting team was easy to get a hold of and very professional. We really appreciate it and will be coming back for more!"

    Tucker Harris

    CEO, Capper Network

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