Game Playtesting

Remote Unmoderated Multiple days

Playtest your games with targeted gamers at any product stage (mockups, prototypes, pre-launch, and live games) on any platform (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Web, XBox, Playstation, Switch, Steam, and more).

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Target real world people in our pool of 400,000+ users based on demographics, devices, location, and custom screening questions.


Design a test process that matches your needs and player experiences.


We support usability videos, bug reports, surveys, messaging, user interviews, and more.

Target the right players to test your game

  • Recruit any type of gamer to participate, from casual social gamers to hardcore gamers.
  • Screen based on games played, interests, device types, and more.
  • Targeting options include demographic targeting (age, gender, income, etc), employment info, devices, location (country, state, city), and custom screening surveys.
  • Automatically accept applicants that match your needs, or manually review and approve participants.
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Test single player or multiplayer games, including live group tests and load testing

  • Collect usability videos, bug reports, survey feedback, conduct user interviews, and more.
  • Players use their own devices at home
  • Need to test with a large group of players at the same time? No problem. Easily run group tests for multiplayer games or organize large load tests using real world gamers and devices.
  • Test onboarding, retention, and ongoing play with multiple sessions over days or weeks.
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Run tests that span days or weeks: Collect usability videos, surveys, bug reports, conduct user interviews, and more.

Easily run any test process: From simple usability video tests with results in hours, to multi-day tests that span your entire player experience from onboarding to live multiplayer sessions.

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Get in touch to see how you can give players a voice and launch more successful games.