Test Children's Products with Parental Approval and Supervision

Remote Unmoderated Multiple days

Recruit targeted parents / children to any product in real environments with real devices. For apps, websites, learning products, games, smart-home, and more.

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Connect with parents and understand how your app or game connects with kids of any age.


From prototypes and MVPs to live apps, hardware, and physical products. We have experience with it all!


Test over any time period to understand child engagement and churn.

Get the feedback you need to make products that kids and teens will love

  • Get user experience feedback from a child's and parent's perspective
  • Get your product in front of parents and see how their child or teen engages with it - over any period of time.
  • Collect UX feedback related to onboarding and getting your product on multiple devices and across different platforms
  • Identify and overcome technical issues related to invites, permissions, game play, and more.
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Test at any stage - from prototypes and MVPs to live apps, hardware, learning products, and more.

  • Iterate quickly throughout your product development process to build better products that kids will love
  • Share NDA's or any other user agreements you need to meet regulatory requirements and ensure parents are comfortable testing your product with their children
  • We make it simple to distribute prelaunch iOS apps via Testflight or Android apps via Google beta, Firebase, and more.
  • Share new builds and updates via messages and instructions to keep parents and children on task and up-to-date with your expectations
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Multi-day and multi-week testing make it easy to see how your app resonates with kids

  • Test games, educational products, and video content over time period to understand child engagement and churn
  • Easily set expectations and rewards related to how much time children need to use your app over a given period of time
  • Understand if your app is engaging and how long it keeps a child's attention by testing over multiple days or weeks.
  • Retarget parents for additional testing as your product and content grows and create an ongoing tester community for constant user research
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