Automotive Beta Testing

Remote Unmoderated Multiple days

We help innovative companies power beta testing for automotive hardware and software in the real world, including AI & machine learning, navigation, car sharing, in-car entertainment, safety, insurance, and more.

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Recruit targeted users from the BetaTesting panel or bring your own users.


Create a custom test process for users that can include tasks, surveys, usability videos, and more.


Our platform allows you to easily manage large groups of testers through test processes that span days or weeks.

Test automotive hardware, software, and other in-car products with targeted users in the real-world.

  • Recruit your target audience from our pool of 400,000+ real-world consumers. Target specific demographics, locations, car models, travel patterns, and more.
  • Design any custom test process you require over any test duration (single session, multiple days, or multiple weeks).
  • Get engagement data, UX feedback, and quality bug reports.
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Run longitudinal studies that take place over days, weeks, or months

Design any multi-day test process including custom beta test process (UX + QA), longitudinal, and journal studies. Combine tasks, surveys, usability videos, user interviews, and more.

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Manage large groups of testers without any headaches

  • Optionally require that all testers agree to NDA terms
  • You can choose to automatically accept testers, or manually review and accept participants into the test based on demographics and screening survey responses
  • Send messages to individual testers or broadcast to groups of testers
  • Automatic engagement-score ratings make it easy to review your best (and least helpful) participants
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Automotive Industry Case Studies and Examples:

BetaTesting gathered in-car images from hundreds of users to power AI and machine learning for global automotive leader Faurecia

BetaTesting recruited hundreds of targeted users with a wide variety of car models around the world.

Participants provided photos several times per day over a week at specific angles and in various weather conditions.

Data included tagging each image to allow for automated processing with AI and machine learning software

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Xerox turned to BetaTesting for the beta launch of an innovative mobility app

Read the case study here

Users in various large cities across the US participated in a beta period over multiple weeks

Testers used a wide variety of public transportation methods in order to test route mapping and user experience in comparison to existing mobility apps

The beta period included various iterative testing cycles to improve the product over time.

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A Sesame Street licensed app collected feedback for a product designed to make car rides fun for children

BetaTesting recruited a diverse group of parents with grade school children with an interest in Sesame Street.

In advance of the test, Parents downloaded TestFlight and the Amazon Alexa app.

Children interacted with a live Elmo character each morning during their ride to school, while parents recorded their engagement and enjoyment.

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