Product Field Testing / In Home Usage Testing

Remote Unmoderated Multiple days or weeks

Recruit targeted testers from our pool of 400,000+ participants. Easily manage Field Tests and In-Home Usage Tests (IHUT) spanning days, weeks, or months with the most robust platform built for product testing.

In home usage testing

Choose your target audience based on demographics (age, gender, income, etc), employment (industry, company size, job function), device types, and custom screening questions.


We help manage recruiting, screening, shipping products, testing, bug reporting, user interviews, and more.


Work hand-in-hand with our expert team from start-to-finish, or run tests yourself with our easy-to-use platform.

Easily recruit your target audience and test your product in real environments

  • For connected products, smart home, wearables, consumer electronics and any other physical product (e.g. kitchen, clothing, pets, and more).
  • Launch a winning product by uncovering insights and issues faster than ever across a mix of environments, platforms, and devices before you launch publicly.
  • Get support from start to finish: From test planning, shipping products, managing testers and logistics.
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Test every part of your customer user journey: Shipping, unboxing, setup, and ongoing usage.

Design a test process combining tasks, surveys, unboxing, usability videos, bug hunts, user interviews, and more.

custom beta test workflow

Ship directly to testers or send your product to us and rely on our team to manage packaging, shipping, and logistics.

From recruitment to returns, we'll help you make your product test run flawlessly. Keep your testers in the loop by sharing tracking info, deadlines, instructions, updates, and more. You can allow testers to keep your product as the reward or we'll help get everything returned to you.

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custom beta test workflow

Connect with your target audience

Get feedback results in real time during the test, with automated AI analysis for easy insights

  • Sentiment analysis gives you a high level view of user sentiment
  • AI feedback summary for each question makes it easy to digest results
  • Automated key topic grouping (with sentiment)
  • Word clouds
  • Share with your team online, print, or export to PDF or spreadsheet.
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Collect all types of feedback: surveys, bug reports, usability videos, conduct user interviews, and more.

See all your feedback online in real time, and interact with users via one-to-one or group broadcast messages. View charts, and apply filters, tags, and more. Print your results, export to spreadsheet, or invite your team as users within our platform.

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Field Testing & In-Home Usage Testing Case Studies and Examples:

BetaTesting powered Shark's beta testing for the launch of a robust app update, leading to a 4.8 score in the App Store

BetaTesting onboarded thousands of existing Shark customers from the current version of the app to form the new beta community

Each user provided custom profile data, including the devices they owned, serial numbers, and more. Every bug report was pushed to Jira, including the user's serial number and profile information.

Users tested multiple app iterations using TestFlight and Firebase for app distribution

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robot vacuum cleaner product testing

TCL partners with BetaTesting to manage In-Home Usage Testing (IHUT) for new TV models around the world.

Need to test a connected hardware product?

Testers in the U.S., Brazil, Italy and Germany wore a heart-rate monitor connected to a watch or phone for multiple weeks to validate the device.

Our team handled recruiting the right people, shipping and logistics to each tester and communication throughout the test to handle technical and user issues.

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robot vacuum cleaner product testing

Aera beta tested their new smart home fragrance device in targeted households around the US

BetaTesting recruited participants matching several target segments (e.g. high income, women, tech enthusiasts)

Participants received the test product and used the smart diffuser in their home for several weeks

Testers focused on product setup, key functionality (control, scheduling, ordering) and user experience feedback regarding placement, satisfaction, manual operation, and more.

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robot vacuum cleaner product testing

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