Beta Testing for Small Businesses

Remote Unmoderated Multiple days

BetaTesting makes it easy for small technology companies to connect with users, get feedback, and launch winning products. We work with small businesses of all types in addition to partnering with agencies in development, marketing, design, QA, and more, to provide services for their clients.

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Recruit targeted users from the BetaTesting panel or bring your own users.


Create a custom test process for users that can include tasks, surveys, usability videos, and more.


Our platform allows you to easily manage large groups of testers through test processes that span days or weeks.

We help small businesses reach targeted users and get feedback so you can create winning products

  • Recruit your target audience from our pool of 400,000+ real-world consumers.
  • Collect feedback in a wide variety of ways: tasks, surveys, usability videos, user interviews, bug reports, and more.
  • Get engagement and feedback in real-time over the course of days or weeks.
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Test any user experience over any duration (single session, days, or weeks)

Design any multi-day test process including custom beta test process (UX + QA), longitudinal, and journal studies. Combine tasks, surveys, usability videos, user interviews, and more.

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Small Business Case Studies and Examples:

Maven Clinic tested with BetaTesting over the course of years to continuously improve their pioneering virtual healthcare platform for women

BetaTesting recruited hundreds of targeted women to provide user experience feedback and QA testing

Participants booked and participated in virtual healthcare appointments online

Maven Clinic has grown to be an industry leader and named "100 Most Influential Companies" in TIME 2023

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Aera beta tested their new smart home fragrance device in targeted households around the US

BetaTesting recruited participants matching several target segments (e.g. high income, women, tech enthusiasts)

Participants received the test product and used the smart diffuser in their home for several weeks

Testers focused on product setup, key functionality (control, scheduling, ordering) and user experience feedback regarding placement, satisfaction, manual operation, and more.

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robot vacuum cleaner product testing

GuidedChoice uses BetaTesting to test and collect user experience feedback for their 3Nickels app, designed to bring financial freedom to all

BetaTesting recruited participants for iterative app testing over the course of years, to help improve the app experience

Participants focus on UX testing, bug reporting, and provide in-depth feedback through user interviews.

Recruiting has focused on new participants, in addition to tester retargeting to collect robust feedback from the same participants over multiple test cycles

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robot vacuum cleaner product testing

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