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Our Pricing

Get started today with a self-service subscription or contact us for a quote for Managed testing.

$99 /mo

+ you pay tester incentives

Get started with monthly testing: 2 tests per month
  • 2 tests / month
  • 10 participants / test max
  • 30 minute test max
  • Simple test designs
$499 /mo

+ you pay tester incentives

Fast & effective surveys, usability videos & bug tests
  • 10 tests / month
  • 25 participants / test max
  • 1 hour tests max
  • Simple test designs
$1,350 /mo

+ you pay tester incentives

Support for custom tests that last up to 1-week
  • Unlimited tests
  • 25 participants / test max
  • 1 week tests
  • Custom test workflows
  • Reviewed by test experts
Managed Contact us

Get a quote

Designed, managed, and executed by our experts
  • Any size test group
  • Advanced recruiting
  • Test that last weeks or months
  • Custom test workflows
  • Managed by BetaTesting
  • Hardware & fintech support
Get started with a free trial Your first test is free. Pay only tester incentives.

All Plans Include Our Core Features

  • Test Apps, Websites, or Prototypes
  • Targeted Recruiting
  • Screening Surveys
  • Verified, Rated Participants
  • Message with Participants
  • Surveys, usability videos, & bug reports
  • Automated Reminders
  • Incentive Distribution
  • Jira Bug Integration
  • And Much More...

Compare Plan Features

Testing Capabilities Basic Plan Standard Plan Pro Plan Managed
Tests per month 2 10 Unlimited (1 concurrent) Unlimited
Participants per Month 20 250 Unlimited Unlimited
Participants per test Up to 10 Up to 25 Up to 25 Unlimited
Test apps, websites, and prototypes
Test on mobile, desktop, or tablets
Test without any SDK or technical integration
Tests spanning 1 week    
Tests spanning multiple weeks or months
Test hardware products & connected devices      
Test fintech apps or sensitive info      
Recruiting Basic Plan Standard Plan Pro Plan Managed
Demographic targeting
Screening survey
Distribute NDA during screening
Option to manually review & accept applicants      
Custom recruiting for niche audiences      
Invite your own testers      
Results & Reporting Basic Plan Standard Plan Pro Plan Managed
Download results to spreadsheet / CSV
Jira integration
Post-test messaging & follow-up with testers
Services Basic Plan Standard Plan Pro Plan Managed
Support Email, Chat Email, Chat Email, Chat, Phone Fully managed by test team (Email, Phone, Chat)
Moderated interviews      
Summary report with feedback analysis and recommendations from BetaTesting      
Pricing $99 / mo+ you pay tester incentives $499 / mo+ you pay tester incentives $1,350 / mo+ you pay tester incentives Quote$5,000+ / project

Common Questions

How does the free trial work (free first test)?

Sign up and launch your first test free (Survey, Bug Report, or Usability Test). You only pay for the incentive which goes directly to each tester. Your credit card will not be charged again unless you decide to start a subscription and launch another test. Note: The free trial can not be used for the "Custom" test type, which requires the Pro plan.

Who pays for the incentives for testers?

You do. The fees shown above do not include incentives. For each test, you choose how much to pay each tester. We give recommendations (usually $10-$30 / tester). You pay us for the cost of incentives, and we manage distribution to testers using PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

When is my credit card charged?

After you start a subscription, you'll be billed the subcription fee on a monthly basis unless you decide to cancel your subscription. For each test you launch, the only incremental fees you pay are the incentive payments (which go directly to testers) and a small payment processing fee ($2 / tester).

Can we cancel at any time?

Yes, there is no minimum contract or penalties. You are charged monthly and can cancel anytime.

Can we keep our data and project results?

Yes, view your results on BetaTesting at any time as long as your subscription is active. You can also easily export the results of your projects (e.g. videos, survey results to spreadsheet, etc) in case you wish to end your subscription.

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