BetaTesting was born through a passion to create and understand.

We empower our customers to build great products and never settle for second best. Our goal: To simplify complex data and make it easy for companies to understand user feedback in real terms.

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Our Philosophy:

  • We believe great products are built from user feedback
  • We focus on making things simple
  • We believe in continuous improvement
  • We work hands-on as a partner
  • We believe great companies are product-focused
  • We follow our own path, lead by our customers

Our Product:

BetaTesting connects companies with real people for honest feedback and testing. Through the BetaTesting platform, customers can recruit participants and test any user journey in the real world, giving companies of all sizes the power to create tomorrow’s most loved consumer products.

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Our Core Values:

Our Story:

BetaTesting was founded in 2012, originally named “Erlibird”, based on our own experience as creators facing the challenge of getting honest real-world feedback when building new products. We learned firsthand that it’s impossible to build successful products without truly listening to your customers along the way. We set out to build a platform that simplified the complex beta testing processes to make it easy to understand feedback in real terms. is now the namesake platform dedicated to beta testing.


Our Location:

BetaTesting is located in Chicago. We’re a remote-first beta testing company with employees around the globe.

401 N. Michigan Ave
Suite 1200
Chicago, IL 60601

We help great companies of all sizes build the best new products of tomorrow.

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