Moderated User Interview

Remote Moderated Single session

Provide your calendar link, and schedule calls to conduct a remote interview with your team via Zoom or your chosen platform.

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Provide a link to your calendar scheduler (e.g. Calendly)


Define your targeting and screening requirements and then automatically or manually review and accept participants.


After being accepted, participants will book calls on your calendar link and you can conduct the interview using Zoom or your chosen tool.

Easily recruit targeted consumers and professionals for moderated interviews - using the tools you already love

  • Define your target audience from our pool of 400,000 consumers and professionals.
  • Participants book calls using your own calendar link (e.g. Calendly)
  • Use Zoom or your favorite tool to conduct the interview
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Connect with your target audience

Book calls using your own calendar link on Calendly (or alternative)

Just share your calendar link and testers will book a call on any of the timeslots you make available.

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Conduct user interviews as part of a more robust test process

Combine research methods and conduct user interviews at the end of larger multi-day tests (beta tests, longitudinal or journal studies).

custom beta test workflow

Launch a test now, and start getting the answers you need within hours