Real World
Usability Testing
with AI Insights

It’s not old fashioned user research. Recruit unlimited testers from our community of 400,000+ participants. Test what is impossible with traditional user testing services and get the power to build the best new products of tomorrow.

Beta Testers

Usability testing for any user journey, over any duration.

Test entire user journeys (or any component) in the real world, even processes that occur over days or weeks. With BetaTesting, you can run tests that are impossible with other testing services.

Recruit usability testers for consumer products or B2B audiences

Target consumers or professionals through BetaTesting based on demographics, lifestyle, interest, devices, location, employment industry, job function and any other custom criteria through screening surveys. Or choose to invite your own users, employees, or customers to join your testing community.

Meet our community
Connect to Testers

See each participant's screen as they speak their thoughts oud loud. With powerful AI analysis built in.

Collect videos for any part of your user journey, even selfie videos or unboxing videos for physical products.

  • Automated Transcriptions
  • Sentiment detection
  • AI key topic grouping
  • ChatGPT summarization
  • Share to exact moment of insight
  • Navigate sentiment on video timeline
Usability Video Recording

Re-engage your community for unmoderated or moderated testing any time

Build a community of testers to engage any time on-demand. Customize your tester onboarding process and data fields (e.g. custom profile fields and bug forms), apply tags to segment testers into cohorts, and track tester status and quality ratings over time.

Testing Community

Recruit your audience fast

Manage all your usability testing in one place

Target testers through BetaTesting and build a beta testing community to re-engage any time. Our community includes 400,000+ testers, with millions more available through market research partners.

Manage Tests

Extend your team with expert-led professional services

Our team can handle any challenge. Get help on a per-test basis or through ongoing management from our team.

  • Test Design Consulting
  • Shipping Hardware Products
  • Feedback Analysis
  • Full Test Management
  • Custom Audience Recruiting
  • Onboarding Training
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Professional Services

Choose the right plan for your needs

Get the power of the #1 beta testing platform at a price that works for you


The easy way to recruit testers & get feedback on demand.

$0 / month 35% fee on tester rewards
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Key features:

  • Recruit your target audience from our panel of 400,000 consumers and professionals
  • Get results in hours
  • Standard test types: product usage + survey, usability videos, research surveys, user interviews, bug hunts.
  • Up to 50 testers at a time
  • Up to 2 active tests at a time
  • Run open or closed beta tests
  • Invite your team
  • Email support


Robust testing for any use case with guidance from BetaTesting experts.

Let's talk Average 5K - 25K
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All Essential features, plus:

  • Unlimited testers, unlimited tests
  • Tests spanning weeks or months
  • Professional test types (multi-week, field tests, live events, children's products, fintech & crypto, AI & real-world data, etc)
  • Dedicated account manager, with test design help
  • Professional services
  • Customizations (branding, SSO, custom bug fields, custom profile fields, etc)

Try our "Recruit" plan cost calculator:

How many testers?
Tester reward payments

Cost Summary

Tester rewards $375
Service fees (35%) $15
Total: $390
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Choosing reward payments

You're in control, and 100% goes directly to each participant. Here are some common rewards based on test requirements and the country you're targeting.

Target Country: USA Low Cost Countries
10 minute survey $5 $1
Usability video $15 $5
Moderated interview $50 $20
Tasks + survey $10 $3
Bug hunt $15 $4
1 week organic beta test $20 $6
1 week w/ daily tasks $50 $16

Want to compare all plan features in detail?

Click to expand and compare
Standard Test Types Recruit Essential Professional
Product Usage + Survey yes yes yes
Usability video yes yes yes
Market Research surveys yes yes yes
Moderated user interview yes yes yes
Bug hunt yes yes yes
Professional Test Types Recruit Essential Professional
Multi-Day / Multi-Week Study (Longitudinal, Journal, etc)   yes yes
Field Testing/ In-Home Usage Testing (IHUT)     yes
AI Training & Real-World Data     yes
Live Group / Load Testing     yes
Real World QA     yes
Children's Product Testing     yes
Fintech & Payments Testing     yes
Game Playtesting     yes
Account Features Recruit Essential Professional
Max testers at one time across active tests 50 100 Unlimited
Tests at the same time 2 5 Unlimited
Admin accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max test duration 2-3 days 1 week Unlimited
Tester Recruiting Recruit Essential Professional
Invite from BetaTesting panel yes yes yes
Re-invite past testers yes yes
Invite your own users / customers yes yes
Invite via URL   yes yes
Invite via email   yes yes
Screening Recruit Essential Professional
Screening surveys yes yes yes
Automatic acceptance yes yes yes
Manually review & accept specific testers Only for Moderated Interviews yes yes
Custom NDA, terms & digital signatures   yes yes
File upload support   yes yes
Collect emails for closed betas yes yes yes
Feedback Types & Deliverables Recruit Essential Professional
Tasks yes yes yes
Surveys yes yes yes
Usability Videos yes yes yes
Messaging yes yes yes
Bug reports & bug dashboard yes yes yes
Product engagement & data collection yes yes yes
Tester Management Recruit Essential Professional
Build a tester community yes yes
Incentive distribution yes yes yes
Tag & segment testers yes yes yes
Only pay for completed testers yes yes yes
Remove testers yes yes
Bulk messaging yes yes yes
One-to-one messaging yes yes yes
Automated scoring yes yes yes
Automated due-date reminders yes yes yes
Reporting Recruit Essential Professional
Automated AI analysis (summarization, key phrases, sentiment, word clouds, etc)   yes yes
Video transcription yes yes yes
Filter feedback (by demographics, device, etc) yes yes yes
Search across feedback yes yes yes
View feedback online in real-time yes yes yes
Export to spreadsheet yes yes yes
Export to PDF yes yes yes
Download videos & media to one zip file yes yes yes
Highlight important feedback yes yes yes
Hide specific feedback yes yes yes
Support & Professional Services Recruit Essential Professional
Expedited Email support 24-hour response Expedited Expedited
Submit tests for review yes yes yes
Dedicated customer success manager   yes yes
Test design help   yes yes
Test management   additional cost additional cost
Manual bug triage   additional cost additional cost
Shipping packages   ~5K / project ~5K / project
Feedback Analysis & Recommendations (consulting)   additional cost additional cost
Security & Privacy Recruit Essential Professional
Encrypted transmission via SSL yes yes yes
Data center security (SOC2, FedRAMP, IOS, etc) yes yes yes
Custom NDA/terms distribution yes yes
Payment PCI compliance yes yes yes
GDPR data rights yes yes yes
Security reviews     yes
Pricing Recruit Essential Professional
Platform $0 / month $149 / month, billed annually Get in touch (average budget 5-25K)
Incentive fees 35% 15% 4%

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