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Real World QA & Bug Testing

Get the power to run QA and bug tests that are impossible with other cloud based testing services. Recruit real-world testers with real devices and run manual tests that span multiple sessions over days or weeks in a wide variety of environments.

  • We recruit targeted bug/QA testers from our database of 150,000+

  • Run custom tests across all major OS and device combinations in the real world

  • Exploratory, test cases, regression testing, and more

  • Collect Detailed Bug Reports

    Get detailed bug reports, push updates and validate bug-fixes during your campaign. We also support in-app bug submission through integration with Instabug, to provide rich in-app data (e.g. memory, network connectivity, reproduction steps).

  • All OS & Device Models in Real World Environments

    Test in real-world conditions on real devices and an unlimited array of device combinations (OS, manufacturer, model, etc). Escape the limits of device labs, and discover important bugs and issues that may only be found in the real world.

  • Test What is Impossible With Other Cloud Testing Providers

    Execute testing processes that are impossible through other cloud testing providers. You are not limited to simple single-session tests. We specialize in robust test scenarios, including custom targeting, screening, and user engagement processes that can last over days or weeks.

  • Functional, Exploratory, and Organic Multi-Week Testing

    Our flexible platform supports custom test design for Functional testing (test case scripts), Exploratory testing (testers explore and find bugs on their own), and Organic testing with engagement over days or weeks. We'll work with you to design your test process using simple written text (not code).

  • Communicate With Testers, Resolve Bugs

    Follow participation in real-time through your project dashboard and send broadcast messages, or communicate with individual testers to ask follow-up questions or provide support.

Sample Results

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  • Bug Reports

  • Survey Feedback

  • Raw Data Exports

Use Cases

Exploratory Bug Testing

Users explore your app on their own to discover and reports bugs.

Device & OS testing

Test with a mix or real-world devices and operating systems.

Iterative / Agile Testing

Recruit testers for each new app build.

Functional Bug Testing

Design custom tasks and test cases to test specific features.

Test Cases

Design functional test cases and collect bug reports.

Real-World Usage

Get real world usage on a mix of devices, OSs, and unique environments.

User Experience

Get a deep understanding of the user experience with organic engagement & feedback.

Battery Testing

Test your app’s battery consumption on real devices with real-world usage.

Multiple Users

Test interaction between users: Games, communication, sharing, etc.

Frequently asked questions

How does Bug Testing through work?

We give you the power run QA and bug tests in the real world that are impossible with other cloud based testing services. We recruit real-world QA/bug testers to test your app and generate quality bug reports and feedback. Your test can be Exploratory (users explore the app on their own to discover and report bugs on their own), Functional (driven by formal tasks and test-cases) or a mix thereof.

Can we customize our test process?

Yes, you can design your own set of tasks, questions, and formal test cases.

Do we need to design our own test?

No, we also offer templates or can work with you hands-on to help you customize and design your test from scratch.

What are the deliverables?

You’ll receive targeted QA/bug testers, real engagement, formal bug reports, and feedback survey completions through BetaTesting.

We can design exploratory tests, functional test-cases, regression tests, and more. You can create multiple sets of tasks and feedback surveys to be distributed during the test. You can also interact and communicate with participants during and after the test.

How quickly will we get results?

Once we start the test, we’ll begin to recruit users immediately you’ll typically start to get engagement and bug reports within hours. Through our platform, we can run tests that are single-session (completed in one sitting) and have results back within hours. We can run multi-session tests over days or weeks and collect bugs and feedback over time.

Can we target a specific device or operating system version?

Yes, we allow for customization of operating system versions and device targeting so you can target the devices you need. What’s better, these are not lab-based devices or even cloud devices. These are real world users that own and use these devices every day.

Who are the testers?

Since our inception over 5 years ago we’ve built a community of over 150,000 testers all around the world that use BetaTesting to discover and test products. Our users span a wide variety of devices, demographics, interests and abilities and include corporate professionals, stay at home moms/dads, students, gamers, and everything in between.

How can we target testers?

We allow for device targeting, demographic targeting, and a custom screening survey for any other criteria. You can provide refined targeting requirements and customize each demographic targeting criteria (e.g. age, gender, education, income, etc). You can also use a screening survey for custom targeting requirements and only accept users that answer questions in a certain way.

Do you connect to Instabug?

Yes! We do offer an easy-to-use Webhook integration with Instabug to make it easy for our testers to submit bug reports directly in your app.

Do you provide a guarantee?

Yes, we do!

We guarantee the all users provide high quality engagement, feedback, and bug reports for any issues they encounter so you can be sure the results will be valuable. We typically even recruit extra users to ensure we meet and exceed our promises.

We’ve helped over 1,500 companies launch better products.