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Real World Beta Testing

The power to test what is impossible with traditional user testing. Get user experience feedback from real people in real environments, powered by our tester network, with access to millions of users globally for Android, iOS, websites, Mac, Windows & physical products.

  • Define your target audience, and customize the test process, tasks, and surveys

  • Get engagement and feedback from real-world users over days or weeks.

  • Easily analyze your results online, export to spreadsheet

  • Real People In Real Environments

    Put your product in the hands of real users, in real environments. Quickly source engaged users from our global panel with detailed demographic targeting: location, gender, age, education, income, tech experience, and more.

  • Beyond The Limits of User Testing

    Test what is impossible with traditional user testing services. Sometimes you need more engagement from a user than just 10 minutes in one sitting. We empower you to design organic test processes over days or weeks in the real-world.

  • Screening Surveys & Demographic Targeting

    Create a screening survey for refined targeting on any criteria: interests, lifestyle, etc. All applicants must pass the survey before being accepted into the test.

  • Communicate With Testers

    Follow participation in real-time through your project dashboard and send broadcast messages, or communicate with individual testers to ask follow-up questions or provide support.

  • Collect Detailed Bug Reports

    Get detailed bug reports, push updates and validate bug-fixes during your campaign. We support in-app bug submission through integration with Instabug, to provide rich in-app data (e.g. memory, network connectivity, reproduction steps).

  • Analyze Feedback & Share With Stakeholders

    Easily review and analyze your results with in-depth qualitative and quantitative data. All charts and raw data are available online and for export to CSV. Benchmarking reports allow for comparison across test iterations.

Sample Results

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  • Summary Analysis

  • Surveys

  • Bug Reports

  • Raw Data Exports

Use Cases

User Experience

Get a deep understanding of the user experience with organic engagement & feedback.

Real-World Interaction

Test apps that need real-world engagement: Live media, fitness, productivity, etc.

Algorithms & AI

Collect data and engagement analytics to tune your algorithms and AI.

Battery Testing

Test your app’s battery consumption on real devices with real-world usage.

Longitudinal Studies

Collect feedback over days or weeks from the same users.

Content Creation

Generate content: Pictures, profiles, stories, videos, etc.

Load Testing

Test your app with many users at the same time.

Multiple Users

Test interaction between users: Games, communication, sharing, etc.

Frequently asked questions

How does Beta Testing work?

Our Beta Testing packages are robust tests that provide high quality engagement and feedback over a period of days days or weeks. Our tests are ideal for testing scenarios that are typically impossible to test with traditional user testing services: test processes that require testing over multiple days, real-world interaction, communication with testers, bug reports, etc.

For each test, we recruit testers that match your target audience. You get robust engagement, and high quality feedback, bug reports, and tester communication.

What are the ideal use cases? What sort of things can we test?

Our Beta Testing packages are ideal for collecting UX feedback for test processes that require multiple days, interaction in the real-world, or specific schedules. Here are some great examples:

Running app: Get UX feedback after users complete one or more runs over the course of 1-week.

Online doctor app: Collect feedback and bugs after each user schedules and completes and online appointment over video with a practitioner.

Parking app: Rate sentiment after testers use the app to swap parking places with another user.

Multiplayer game: Set a specific date and time for users to join a multiplayer game and later provide feedback.

App Algorithms for news app: Track which news each user reads in the morning to optimize the AI.

Any many, many more. Contact us to inquire about your use case.

How do you recruit testers?

We recruit testers from the BetaTesting community (over 130,000 testers globally) and extended network, including partner market research firms and social networks with combined access to millions more participants. For each test, we recruit targeted testers that match your demographic requirements and pass a custom screening survey.

Since our inception 4+ years ago, we've grown our tester community largely organically and through referrals from other testers, but also through marketing and tester outreach efforts.

Do you guarantee quality engagement?

Yes, we do!

In fact, for each test we typically recruit 25%+ the participants needed to ensure we meet our promises, because we know some users may drop off during the test.

You have the ability to reject any test submission that is not high quality. If we don't meet our guarantees, we'll recruit more testers for free or refund the difference.

Who are the testers?

Our community includes a very wide variety of demographics, interests, and abilities: Professionals, students, moms / dads, developers, and everything in between.

The common thread is that all our testers are passionate about providing feedback and playing a meaningful role to help launch better, more successful products! In exchange for their quality feedback, each tester earns a reward. We coordinate incentives, so you don't have to (the cost is already included in our pricing).

What is the quality of the feedback?

Quality is our primary focus and we guarantee it. If you aren't happy, simply reject any user that hasn't provided quality feedback and we'll replace or refund them.

The effort and quality of BetaTesting testers is well known in the industry and is often dramatically more robust than that received through traditional market research providers.

We’ve helped over 1,500 companies launch better products.