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Children’s Educational App

A popular children's educational brand sought to bring a popular international educational app to the US market. BetaTesting helped recruit parents/children in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade to get feedback on games, characters, content, and more.


Neura collected real-world data for their Artificial Intelligence SDK to test battery consumption and improve AI algorithms across various real-world devices


Keap, a leading iOS app which creates a 2nd business number and CRM on your phone, recruited freelancers and small business owners to use a new line and provide feedback about how it helped them run their businesses.


McAfee recruited hundreds of gamers for a new antivirus product designed to help gaming on PCs. Over months, McAfee collected telemetry data, UX feedback, bugs, and conducted moderated interviews for deeper insight.


Skydio invited their best users into a branded portal to provide feedback about a new version of their drone, including unboxing, setup, first flight, and more

Maven Clinic

Maven Clinic recruited women 18-40 and gave them free credits to use their health and wellness web app to connect with nutritionists and physical therapists and provide feedback on their experience

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