Bug Hunt

Remote Unmoderated Single session

Recruit testers to find and report high quality bug reports for your product. Run open-ended exploratory tests or have testers follow a specific test-script.

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Give testers a link to your website, app, prototype, mockup, TestFlight, APK, Firebase, or any other distribution tool.


Ask users to explore and find bugs without detailed tasks, or provide a step-by-step test script.


Our robust bug management tool makes it easy to review and manage bugs with your team.

Find and fix bugs that would lead to poor experiences and lost customers

  • Recruit testers using a wide variety of targeting criteria (location, devices, etc)
  • Provide specific tasks, or ask testers to simply explore and report bugs they encounter
  • No technical integration with your app required
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Test in the real-world on real user devices across a wide mix of platforms, OS versions, models, and more.

There is no substitute for testing with real users on their own devices. Find hard-to-catch bugs and confirm which issues your team should fix first.

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Collect quality bug reports and automatically sync with Jira or your chosen bug tracking tool

  • BetaTesting features a robust bug management tool within the platform. Collect bugs, device information, expected vs actual, videos and screenshots, log files, and more.
  • Smart bug de-duplication to automatically flag and organize duplicate issues
  • Various issue types (e.g. bugs and suggestions)
  • Customize bug fields and user profile fields (Pro & Enterprise plans)
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Launch a test now & start finding important bugs and technical issues within hours