Real-World QA Testing

Remote Unmoderated Multiple days

Recruit quality testers and easily manage testing for any product in real environments with real devices. For apps, websites, connected products, smart-home, hardware, SDKs, and more.

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Target on location, demographics, device types (models, versions, OSs and more), and using custom screening questions.


Run tests that are impossible with other platforms. Test products over days, weeks, or months.


Manage your bugs in our easy-to-use bug management system or push to Jira or the platform of your choice.

QA testing with real people, in the real world over any test duration: For hardware, apps, websites, SDKs, and more.

  • We give you the power to recruit the right testers, whether you're looking for professional testers or general consumers.
  • Conduct QA and bug testing for any type of user journey in the real world - even those that last days or weeks.
  • Support for automated or manual review and selection of participants based on location, demographics, devices, custom screening questions, and more.
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Design custom test workflows that span days or weeks

Create any test process with tasks, test cases, surveys, bug hunts, usability videos and more.

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Get quality bug reports and automatically sync with Jira or your chosen tool.

  • Customize the bug form fields that are important to your team
  • Need to track serial numbers, versions, or anything else across participants? It's easy as we support custom profile fields and test-level fields.
  • Get videos, screenshots, log files, and more.
  • Smart AI automatically de-duplicates your bug list.
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Manage large groups of testers without any headaches

  • Optionally require that all testers agree to NDA terms
  • Re-target past testers, build a tester community, and create cohorts and groups via tags
  • Send messages and communicate with testers one-to-one or send broadcast messages en-masse
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