Live Group / Load Testing

Remote Unmoderated Any time duration

Recruit your target audience and have a group of any size participate at the same time, using real devices in real-world conditions.

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Target on location, demographics (age, gender, income, etc), devices, employment, and using custom screening questions.


Create any test process you want. Need testers to complete an installation process beforehand? No problem.


Our platform allows you to easily manage large groups of testers through test processes that span days or weeks.

A curated audience testing on your schedule

  • Get people together for group video chats, live events, games, and more.
  • Recruit your testers from our pool of 400,000+ participants with our robust targeting and screening process. Automated or and manual participant acceptance makes it simple to choose the right people for your event.
  • Get everyone on the same page with reminders, deadlines, and instructions designed for live testing
  • Only reward people who joined your event and completed all tasks with our simple review and payment system
recruit testers around the world

Have testers complete pre-event tasks like app installation and post-event tasks, surveys, videos, interviews.

Create any test process you want using our Test Workflow builder, and collect UX feedback after a session with surveys and videos

custom beta test workflow

Load test in the real-world to uncover issues you won't find through automated testing

Test across any mix of locations, devices, operating systems, browsers, and more. Get detailed bug reports with screenshots and videos describing any issues encountered.

custom beta test workflow

Seamlessly manage all your testers in one spot before, during, and after the event

  • Manually review applicants and select the right testers
  • Optionally require that all testers agree to NDA terms
  • Send messages and communicate with testers one-to-one or send broadcast messages en-masse
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