Collect Real-World AI Training Data to Power Smarter AI

Remote Unmoderated Multiple days

Gather crowdsourced AI training data from hundreds or thousands of targeted real world users to refine algorithms and train AI to build faster, smarter products.

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Target on location, demographics (age, gender, income, etc), devices, employment, and using custom screening questions.


Run tests to collect engagement data in your product, through BetaTesting (videos, images, spreadsheets), or through any third party website.


Our platform allows you to easily manage large groups of testers through test processes that span days or weeks.

Get unique real-world data from any audience

  • Crowdsource real data in real environments to superpower your AI training and build a better experience for your users.
  • Collect any type of AI training data through any real-world process, including in-app behavioral data, content (images, writing, videos, voice, etc), device data (e.g. through SDKs) and more to build better AI models faster than ever.
  • Easily collect data for any process, even those that take place over hours, days, or place.
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Design custom workflows for any data gathering process

Create any test process, even those that span multiple days or weeks with our Test Workflow builder.

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Collect data in your app or through our platform

Get the exact data you need in whatever format you need it. Have testers use your app to share data for your models, such as voice, location, biometrics, and more. Or use our platform to crowdsource images, videos, device logs, voice, spreadsheets, and more - from anywhere in the world.

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Manage large groups of testers without any headaches

  • Optionally require that all testers agree to NDA terms
  • Re-target past testers, build a tester community, and create cohorts and groups via tags
  • Send messages and communicate with testers one-to-one or send broadcast messages en-masse
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