Media & Entertainment Beta Testing

Remote Unmoderated Multiple days

We power real-world beta testing for leading companies in the media and entertainment industry, including software and connected products like televisions, streaming media devices, games, news, live video, and more.

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Recruit targeted users from the BetaTesting panel or bring your own users.


Create a custom test process for users that can include tasks, surveys, usability videos, and more.


Our platform allows you to easily manage large groups of testers through test processes that span days or weeks.

Test games, social media, news apps, live-video, connected products, televisions, streaming devices and more.

  • Recruit your target audience from our pool of 400,000+ real-world consumers.
  • Get a curated audience testing on your schedule. Have a live/group testing or load testing need? Get people together for group video chats, live events, games, and more.
  • Get engagement data, feedback, and bugs in real-time for tests that span any length of time.
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The flexible BetaTesting test platform gives you the power to build any test process you want.

Design any multi-day test process including custom beta test process (UX + QA), longitudinal, and journal studies. Combine tasks, surveys, usability videos, user interviews, and more.

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Media & Entertainment Case Studies and Examples:

BetaTesting powered Roku's beta testing for their flagship and award-winning streaming media device

BetaTesting recruited and screened hundreds of users with specific television models and advanced targeting requirements

Participants were shipped a streaming media device and participated in a 1-2 month beta testing process.

Testers provided user experience feedback and logged robust bug reports with logs, videos, and more.

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TCL partners with BetaTesting to manage In-Home Usage Testing (IHUT) for new TV models around the world.

Need to test a connected hardware product?

Testers in the U.S., Brazil, Italy and Germany wore a heart-rate monitor connected to a watch or phone for multiple weeks to validate the device.

Our team handled recruiting the right people, shipping and logistics to each tester and communication throughout the test to handle technical and user issues.

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McAfee beta tested an antivirus and security product with targeted PC gamers over multiple weeks

Read the case study here

BetaTesting recruited PC gamers matching a variety of device, lifestyle, and gaming preference criteria.

Participants used the antivirus product over the course of weeks during gameplay and outside of gameplay, while logging bugs and issues related to virus detections and false positives.

The beta test was very successful and generated over 200 unique bug reports.

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