Travel & Hospitality Beta Testing

Remote Unmoderated Multiple days

We enable leading travel and hospitality companies to recruit targeted users and collect feedback in the real world. Examples include travel comparison sites, airline experiences, hotels, restaurant booking tools, food-focused and meal planning apps, and many more.

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Recruit targeted users from the BetaTesting panel or bring your own users.


Create a custom test process for users that can include tasks, surveys, usability videos, and more.


Our platform allows you to easily manage large groups of testers through test processes that span days or weeks.

Test travel apps, hotel and airline experiences, restaurant booking tools, food-focused and meal planning apps, and much more.

  • Recruit your target audience from our pool of 400,000+ real-world consumers.
  • Design any test process you want. Use the "Advanced Test Workflow" to create a series of tasks and surveys with custom distribution settings and due dates. Or use "Simple Mode" to distribute tasks and surveys on demand.
  • Get engagement and feedback in real-time over the course of days or weeks.
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Test any user journey from start to finish, including multi-session experiences (e.g. book reservation, attend event, post-test survey).

Design any multi-day test process including custom beta test process (UX + QA), longitudinal, and journal studies. Combine tasks, surveys, usability videos, user interviews, and more.

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Travel & Hospitality Case Studies and Examples:

BetaTesting helped JetBlue understand traveler attitudes, preferences, and use of comparison booking tools

BetaTesting recruited and screened participants across a representative mix of demographic and lifestyle criteria

Participants completed in-depth surveys and recorded themselves answering various questions on selfie videos.

Later users recorded their screen and spoke their thoughts out loud while using travel comparison tools to book travel.

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An innovative stealth startup used BetaTesting to collect feedback on a new restaurant ordering process to inspire food choices and better eating habits.

BetaTesting recruited a wide mix of consumers matching various demographic and lifestyle criteria.

Participants provided feedback on the user experience and explored the app to find bugs and techincal issues.

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