Beta Testing for B2B Products

Remote Unmoderated Multiple days

Connect with individual business professionals with employment targeting based on industry, job function, company size, and more. Collect feedback and test your product in the real world.

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Recruit targeted users from the BetaTesting panel or bring your own users.


Create a custom test process for users that can include tasks, surveys, usability videos, and more.


Our platform allows you to easily manage large groups of testers through test processes that span days or weeks.

Target business professionals or QA testers for any type of real-world beta testing and user experience research

  • Target the right participants with on a wide range of targeting options including demographic, device, and lifestyle criteria. Recruit business professionals based on employment industry, company-size, job function, and more.
  • Design a custom test process and collect feedback in a wide variety of ways: tasks, surveys, usability videos, bug reports, and more.
  • Get engagement and feedback in real-time over the course of days or weeks.
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Run tests over any duration (days, weeks, months) that are impossible through other testing platforms.

Design any multi-day test process including custom beta test process (UX + QA), longitudinal, and journal studies. Combine tasks, surveys, usability videos, user interviews, and more.

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B2B Products Case Studies and Examples:

Typeform partnered with BetaTesting pre-launch, helping to shape their roadmap on the way to becoming a leading survey platform

BetaTesting recruited hundreds of early adopters to beta test their innovative survey platform

Participants provided user experience feedback, bug reports, and more.

Typeform called BetaTesting participants "smart, creative and eager to discover new products" and praised the "quality feedback enough to shape your roadmap for well into the future".

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BetaTesting powered HotJar's early access program, recruiting 500 website designers, developers, product managers and more.

BetaTesting recruited 500 targeted early adopters interested in their user insights product for websites

Participants provided pre-launch market research feedback and were the first large set users to test Hotjar's software

HotJar's co-founder said "The results were fantastic. Would recommend them to anyone who is at the stage of launching their next company or product".

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Moneypenny, the world's leading answering service company, conducted mobile phone carrier testing with hundreds of participants across the US and UK

BetaTesting recruited targeted participants to test call divert functionality for Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and other popular carriers.

The test process included functional test cases to test call forwarding in various scenarios (e.g. call not picked up, phone out of range / poor signal, on another call, etc).

Testing resolved numerous technical issues and allowed Moneypenny to correct important bugs before launching new products and features.

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Keap partnered with BetaTesting for functionality and usability testing for innovative products and features

BetaTesting recruited small business owners and freelancers to participate in testing for a new note taking product from (formerly Infusionsoft).

Results helped the product team validate the value of the product and feature to power decision making for the future

BetaTesting continued to run iterative test cycles for the product over the course of a year

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